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S/mileage second single ◯◯ Ganbaranakutemo Ee nende!!....RE £2.50 (good condition only played once includes obi) SOLD!

Hangry and Angry photoset 80p each or both for £1.50

I bought these photosets when H&A came to London in May The other two I used for Yossie and Rika to sign

Hello! 10 (Some Hello!Project FC mag) £1.20

Inside the mag it includes pics of S/mileage, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Mano Erina and C-ute (only read it once)

Hangry & Angry sadistic dance album £3.50

(I bought of Amazon and it came with a little crack >.>)

Welcome to my Mini shop

If you want to buy something PM me on H!O (Hello!Online) My name on there is ᏞᎾᏆᏆᎥᎬ ♫ ⋆ I am in the UK so please use this site convert it from GBP to your currency shipping in the UK will cost £1.50 anywhere else £2.50 heavier items cost more